The Open Source Wiki for Enterprises

BlueSpice free is our free of charge wiki version. The Wikipedia software “MediaWiki” is extended with lots of useful features; for instance in the ranges of quality assurance, process support, administration, editing and security. Just download and install BlueSpice!


Professional editing

  • Visual Editor (WYSIWYG) for editing, formating and creating content as well as tables without wiki code
  • Comfortable including of images, files, links and categories, wiki commands, wiki tags and MagicWords, as well as a formatting help for editing without wiki code
  • Parser Functions – special functions for creating info boxes and page templates
  • RSS Import enables users to subscribe to pages, categories, namespaces or recent changes


Navigation and search

  • Search engine Lucene (Solr) facilitates a fast search in titles, full text, categories, namespaces and attachements (Office, PDF) and allows to filter the results by facets
  • Customizable navigation and menus for a foldable main navigation, individual page navigation, top menu and a flyout menue with useful pages and widgets, which can be assembled individually
  • Related articles in the status bar leads you to other articles with the same or similar topic
  • Tag Clouds can be created automatically and displayed on every wiki page
  • User dashboard provides relevant information – e.g. statistics, responsibilities, most visited articles, a RSS ticker, etc. – in portlets, which can be assembled individually and arranged with drag & drop


Process management

  • Review functionality to review articles
  • Checkboxes and -lists for tasks and inquiries
  • Creating page templates to guarantee a standardized structure of the content
  • Category tree gives you an overview of the categories in a hierarchic structure, displaying all main categories an sub-categories of the wiki
  • Categorize images and files to classify them. They are also shown in the category article
  • Create imagemaps and set link on specific areas of an image
  • PDF export of single pages in best quality


Quality management

  • Status bar, author and reader information gives you additional information about an article like e.g. the recent changes, category of the article etc. and shows the authors and readers of the article with images
  • Notifications keeps you up-to-date about important actions. You can choose, which information you want to receive
  • Mail notification about new articles, edits, deleted or moved articles as well as new users (configurable for every account)
  • Display of the recent changes on every wiki page you want or integrated in your widget or menues
  • Statistics and graphs for actions with several filter options are displayed as a graphic and can be exported as .svg or .png
  • Quality assurance for the content due to the possibility to define experts for articles



  • User and rights management enables you to create user accounts with passwords, provide those with appropriate rights and organize the users in groups with special group rights
  • Access authorization for single pages can be defined with MagicWords
  • Namespace manager to organize your namespaces, whith which you can define areas in your wiki (you can set seperate read and write rights for every namespace)
  • Extended user preferences for personal data, search settings, watchlists etc.
  • Central authentication via LDAP or Active Directory
  • Extensions information gives you an overview about the installed extensions with info about the version, status and a short description
  • Security for images and files – your uploaded files can not be found by search engines and can only be accessed with the appropriate authorization
  • Flexiskin makes simple customization of layout and design (logo, background color and image, positions and sizes) possible and provides a preview of the changes
  • Admin dashboard displays portlets for statistics, frequent search terms, most edited pages, and so on, which can be assembled individually and arranged with drag & drop
  • Layout for single namespaces can be defined in the wiki (CSS)


Communication and collaboration

  • Wiki internal blog enables you to write blog articles and to publish news
  • Shoutbox provides an extra area in every article to leave comments and therefore supports discussions and the interaction between the users
  • Automatically created avatars for every user, if no personal picture is uploaded
  • Who is online? The answer to this question can be found at a glance, because BlueSpice displays the active users
  • Create a Quiz with multiple choice questions



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