BlueSpice 4.1
Next generation of your enterprise wiki

8. December 2021

We have really worked hard for you! Take a first look at BlueSpice 4.1 in our online demo.

Look forward to a modernized interface, a variety of new functions, improved user guidance, and much more. Find out below what’s new in the pro, farm, and free editions. Take a look right now!

To the demo wiki

For upgrades and download, BlueSpice 4.1 will be available in free, pro and farm editions from January 19, 2022.

What changes?

BlueSpice 4.1 features lots of under the hood changes! The new version comes with MediaWiki 1.35 LTS and the latest, compatible Semantic MediaWiki version 3.2. This means that all distribution extensions are up to date – with long-term support.

Faster, easier, more beautiful: The new “Discovery” skin

BlueSpice 4 introduces a modern look and feel.
The redesigned user interface is brighter and more organized to help you find your way around.

In addition to the purely visual changes, there are numerous adjustments that have enabled us to significantly increase the performance of BlueSpice. This makes working with BlueSpice 4.1 an enjoyable experience!

Lean & efficient: Improved usability

The user guidance has been optimized. Thanks to the reorganized menus and interfaces, everything important can be found at a glance. Nevertheless, no familiar functionality has to be sacrificed. In addition, clear dialogs guide the user through all important features.

Individual branding: FlexiSkin

Customize BlueSpice 4 easily and quickly to your own corporate design. And do it yourself with the new FlexiSkin. Store your company logo and change colors or font sizes according to your wishes.

Brand new & customizable: Workflow

We have updated one of our oldest extensions – the “Review”. It is replaced by the practical extension “Workflow”.

You can now for example store responsibilities or roles for each wiki page or use existing semantic data to start a workflow. Of course, the extension offers you the most important standard workflows: User feedback, approvals based on the four-eyes principle, and a sophisticated document steering process. However, the workflows can also be customized or redefined. In addition, they can be provided with actions such as read confirmations or mail dispatch. The workflow enhancement will be further extended in the next releases.

Note: Before upgrading, you should have completed all current review processes, as these cannot be transferred to the new system.

Task management

BlueSpice improves the completion of tasks! The new overview page “My Tasks” allows users to view and process all their pending approvals or confirmations.

Documentation in BPMN standard

Simplify your business processes or draw flowcharts via a graphical user interface in the BPMN standard. The “Cognitive Process Designer” makes it possible!

Two-factor authentication

This has always been true: Your knowledge is safe in a BlueSpice Wiki! With BlueSpice 4.1 this is now doubly true. It supports two-factor authentication via a WebAuthn API. This means that in the future, logging into the wiki can be done with a physical security token – for example, using a Fido stick.

More power for your templates

The new “Loop” extension in BlueSpice 4.1 gives wiki gardeners more options when designing and processing data in templates.

Import structured data into the wiki

With “Data-Transfer” you can quickly create and update large amounts of wiki pages by importing an Excel file or CSV. This keeps data in the wiki up to date.

Better information exchange with the “Event Bus”

Simplify integration into your company’s IT infrastructure with this extension. Connect external applications such as your ticket system. This can then react to changes in the wiki. The possibilities to work with data & events from the wiki are almost limitless!

New rights and access management

Permissions management has been simplified. In the future, create permissions faster and easier with “Quick Permissions” using our ready-made permission sets. If you still need the advanced rights management, you will find it in BlueSpice pro and farm.

Don’t panic! – LDAP, Active Directory & SAML

The extensions for logging into a central authentication server are available as usual in the pro and farm editions. For Free users, they are no longer included in the software by default as of BlueSpice 4.1. But don’t worry! The extensions can be downloaded and installed free of charge here.

What happens now?

  • December 08, 2021 | Release BlueSpice 4.1 Demo
    Discover BlueSpice 4.1 live in the online demo starting today.
  • December 15, 2021 | Helpdesk & Test Systems
    The new helpdesk comes online and you can try BlueSpice 4.1 in an individual test system.
  • January 19, 2022 | Official Release
    BlueSpice 4 is now available for download and upgrades in the editions free, pro and farm.
  • March 15, 2023 | End of Life of BlueSpice 3
    We will only support and maintain BlueSpice 4 from this point on. To continue working safely and efficiently, you should have upgraded your OnPremises system beforehand.

What do cloud customers need to do now?

Nothing! All cloud systems will be migrated in coordination with you. This will happen between January 20 and March 31, 2022. Our team will contact you individually and advise you should you have any questions.

BlueSpice 4.1 webinars

We will present the most important innovations live and will be happy to answer your questions.
We look forward to your participation!

Introduction to BlueSpice 4
January 27, 2022 – 10.00 am CET

Register now

What’s new in BlueSpice 4.1?
January 28, 2022 – 10.00 am CET

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Are you an on premises customer and want to upgrade?

We migrate your data securely and reliably to BlueSpice 4 via a staggered and clearly defined upgrade process. It’s best to let us know today if you are interested in an upgrade, need more information, or an effort estimate. Any remaining support quota will be fully credited against the upgrade costs.

You have the following options:

  • Create a support ticket with the title “Upgrade to BlueSpice 4”.
  • Contact your project manager or
  • Contact us with your upgrade request at +49 (0)941 660 80 0 or via e-mail at

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