BlueSpice 3.0.1

The latest version of BlueSpice was released on Thursday, 17th January 2019, and is compatible with the LTS (Longtime Support) version MediaWiki 1.31. The BlueSpice Helpdesk Setup Portal provides you with all the important information you need to install:

BlueSpice 3.0.1

The free edition already includes a MediaWiki 1.31.

BlueSpice 3.0.1 pro

The full version BlueSpice pro is only available to subscribers.
They will receive their access data for our system on request.
So you can comfortably download and install your software with our portal.

Univention Appliance

This appliance, published at the Univention App Center, delivers BlueSpice 2.27.3 with the
Univention Corporate Server in a virtual machine.

Do you need help with the installation?

We are glad to help you and take care of the installation.

The BlueSpice full installation is ideal for demanding server networks. Our technicians will discuss the installation process in advance to ensure a smooth and timely deployment. Lean back and relax while our technicians install and configure your wiki – cause you´ve got something better to do.

Older versions

If you want to, you can also download older versions of BlueSpice free at sourceforge. You can find helpful information in our BlueSpice Helpdesk. Recent editions are only delivered with Installer.
Please note that older BlueSpice installations with installer already includes a suitable MediaWiki 1.23 or 1.27.  If you already have a MediaWiki or would like to update an existing BlueSpice, please select the download file without an installer.