Hello BlueSpice 3.1

25. September 2019

New functions, optimized user guidance and bug fixes: For our customers, we have worked hard with BlueSpice 3.1. Read here which improvements you can look forward to.

Good news in advance: BlueSpice 3.1 is now delivered with Semantic MediaWiki 3.0. In addition, there have been numerous security and technical detail improvements. But not only “under the hood” a lot has changed. Also in the area of the user interface there are many new features.

Newly designed title area

  • View and change relevant page information at a glance or click
  • Categories are now displayed in the title area and can be edited
  • The status of a page is now displayed and can be easily changed (quality assurance)
  • Subpages and related pages are displayed in a breadcrumb navigation and can be searched

Screenshot: Breadcrumb navigation with further information

Improvements of the user interface

  • Numerous improvements in icons, labeling and navigation
  • Animated icons (e.g. Preload) to display system activity
  • More space for your editorial work with the optional full screen mode
  • Numerous improvements for screen reader users

Optimization of the search function

  • More natural search results: For example, “base names” have priority over subpages
  • With auto-completion it is now possible to use multiple infixes. For example, the search for “blue 3” leads to BlueSpice 3.1
  • Pages with similar terms can now be found in the flyout “page information

Expansion and optimization of the VisualEditor

  • Selection in the upload dialog whether a link should be made to the file page in the wiki or to the file itself

Screenshot: BlueSpice upload and file recognition

  • Take advantage of improved table formatting, change the width and height of cells and apply different styles

Screenshot: Tabellenformatierung im VisualEditor

  • Accentuate and format text and table backgrounds with five shades of gray and nine chromatic colors

Sreenshot: New color palette for tables and fonts

  • Simplification of file linking and direct upload of files into namespaces
  • More user-friendliness through fewer clicks in file and save dialogs

Performance improvement

  • Significant acceleration of page loading times
  • NGINX support for a noticeable performance increase

Timeline optimization

  • Both classic Wiki text and discussion forums are stored on one page (integrated discussion page)
  • Attachments and discussion sections can now be created with one click

We look forward to continuing to develop BlueSpice together with you in the future and to making it better and better.

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