Let’s build a new world of wikis!

Every day about 50 companies install a new BlueSpice Wiki. And they will be needing professional services and support in the near future. Be there from the beginning and become part of the growing BlueSpice partner ecosystem. We are committed to equip you with the necessary knowledge, training and tools to be successful in the long term. Together we are building a new world of open source wikis!

BlueSpice partners get:
• Discounts and commission for software and maintenance
• Perfect sales support
• Product and development support
• Long-term income stream through a pioneering open source software

What do you want to do?

Technology Partner

Development and implementation

Our technology partners have the original software firsthand for resale. Tailor the software to the customer and develop new extensions. And of course you are actively involved in the expansion and improvement of the BlueSpice software.

Therefore, the technology partner program is aimed primarily at web agencies and other providers of IT solutions, but also at companies that want to integrate BlueSpice in their own product landscape.

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Business Partner

Sell BlueSpice

Our business partners work with us to ensure that their customers receive innovative, cost-effective solutions that meet their business needs. They offer training and workshops and convey their customers to us for technical matters or for the acquisition of software products.

The Business Partner Program is aimed primarily at strategy consulting companies, training providers and developers of templates. Resellers are also welcome.

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Cloud and Hosting Partner

Offer hosting and cloud services

Certified Cloud partners offer BlueSpice as the open source wiki solution in their portfolio. Your customers can use the original software in a private or a public cloud. The openness of the software and our development support provide the partners with the flexibility necessary for the for provisioning and administering infrastructure.

The Cloud and Hosting Partner Program is suitable for small and larger providers.

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