BlueSpice vs. Confluence

A direct comparison of the two specialists for knowledge management.

Why should you choose BlueSpice?

BlueSpice stands out for its adaptability and expandability. Unlike the proprietary Confluence, the open-source software BlueSpice offers an open development platform that can be adapted to the needs of your company.

Create planning security with BlueSpice. You decide how you want to host your Wiki – on your own server or in the cloud.
In addition, the full version of BlueSpice pro includes at reasonable rates many features that must be purchased separately from Confluence.

Features in comparison

Why is this interesting?
Basic information
PhilosophyDesigned to share and find knowledge on a central place with high performanceDesigned to share knowledge with a selection of employees in various lockable roomsDecisive, if and by whom knowledge is found
Use cases
  • Knowledgebase
  • IT Documentation
  • Technical Documentation
  • Intranet
  • QA, manuals and process descriptions
  • Knowledgebase
  • IT Documentation
  • Technical Documentation
  • Intranet
TechnologyPHP, JavaScriptJava
Open SourceNo vendor lock-in
Server License (On Premises)Deployment on your server possible (Windows or Linux), at Azure, AWS or elsewhere
Cloud LicenseQuick solution for teams and SME
License for distributed architectures (high performance)Extra chargeData Center licenseNecessary for very high workload and operation of many Wiki instances
Other options for technical provisioning
  • Docker
ExpandabilityNumerous MediaWiki extensions
Plugins available via App Store
LocalisationSupport of more than 25 languagesAbout 25 standard languages
Customizations and servicesPersonal, professional supportVia external partners
Features & applications
SearchBlueSpice is using state-of-the-art: ElasticSearch
WYSIWIG editorEasy editing
Wiki syntax editorMaintaining more complex page content
Templates / page templatesStructuring pages more simply and uniformly
Dynamic content elements (e.g. Macros)Creating lists and much more
File attachmentsIntegrating documents (Office, PDF) into article
PDF export
Word import / export
Advanced & structured forms, SemanticPurchasable App Professional working with forms and structured data is a strength of BlueSpice
Page hierarchySimple structuring of content
Book funcionalityCreating and maintain manuals
Category systemSorting many contents (articles, pictures, file attachments) in BlueSpice systematically with a hierarchical category system
Seperate spaces or subwikis for teamsBlueSpice farm edition or NamespacesProviding content for access-protected groups
Rights management and easy user administration
Central authentication / single-sign-on
Approval of draftsPurchasable App
Review and workflow functionalityPurchasable App
Discussion and comments
Read confirmationPurchasable App
Reminder or resubmissionPurchasable App
Skin customizing
Integration of a ticketing systemAdditional customization necessaryOur recommended systems are Easy Project / Redmine, Zammad, Tuleap

* = Mandatory


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