Scalability and performance

Internationalization, project wikis, sensitive information: There are many reasons to scale BlueSpice. An optional load management system ensures optimal performance.

Optimizing performance

Wiki means “fast”. This is why we place great emphasis on speed in the development of BlueSpice: The software is optimized for fast read access and simultaneous co-authoring of content.

BlueSpice works best when all system requirements are met. To further optimize performance, we conduct customized load tests on request and adapt the performance parameters to your data and usage pattern. This way, we can maximize your system speed.

Scalability through distributed architecture

BlueSpice is suited for running on several servers. Using a load balancer, you then distribute the requests to several frontend web servers. The database and particularly resource-intensive services are separated and can be operated on separate servers. We can develop the optimal system architecture for you. Please contact us …