Administer several wikis centrally

Create, delete or archive wikis with one click

WikiFarm features a framework and interface to administer your wikis simply and clearly. Create wikis – whenever you want and as many as you want. The individual instances can be described, organised and located using metadata and keywords.


Generate new wikis without content, data or settings


Duplicate template wikis which deliver content straight away


Provide wikis with descriptions, groups and keywords


Turn instances off without losing their contents


Delete wikis completely and irrevocably


Group, filter and sort with the wiki manager

You have the choice

The installation of a WikiFarm always requires an up-to-date basic system. You can choose between:


The well-known Wikipedia software

MediaWiki is the free server-based software forming the basis for the famous website Wikipedia. It was initially developed to operate a website on a large server farm with millions of hits a day.

BlueSpice free

Start your free corporate wiki right now

BlueSpice free is a kind of entry level solution for businesses and everyone who wants to use a wiki or to enrich an existing MediaWiki. But also for organisations, clubs or private wikis it provides a functional added value for wiki admins and users.

BlueSpice pro

The professional business solution with subscription

BlueSpice offers you everything which one expects from a business-critical situation here. Stable, tested and scalable software which is used across the world in large and small businesses and on differing platforms. BlueSpice is available for the long-term as free, open source software.

Use cases

There is a multitude of use cases for WikiFarm. Our customers use it XXXoriginal mainly for implementing:


Each language, has its own wiki whose articles are linked to the corresponding articles in other languages with InterwikiLinks. The language menu takes you directly to the translation

Project Platforms

Work with your project partners and exchange information with them via the wiki. External service provider and customers can access the wiki easily from anywhere. Once a project is concluded, simply archive it.

Departmental Wikis

Every area in your company can use an internal wiki and look after the contents specific to their area. Larger companies can also provide wikis for different locations easily.

Customer Wikis

Would you like to offer wikis yourself? Use the farm to provide new instances to your customers in seconds. When provision stops, the wiki is easy to archive or delete.

Advantages of WikiFarm

Install new wiki instances with one click

Separate contents and permissions

Update and upgrade easily

See a clear overview of your wikis with the management interface

Deliver standard content (e.g. handbooks)

Be efficient with your time and costs

Are you interested?

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