Set up your wiki perfectly

Customising. Connecting. Upgrading.

Ensure your system is set-up optimally to deliver smooth and problem-free work in your new wiki. The BlueSpice configuration and integration services put you on the right path immediately!

Central authentication

Connect wikis with your central user directory and synchronise them with existing user groups - with LDAP (e.g. Active Directory) or with SAML. Of course, you can also do this with single sign-on.

Permission management and structure

Define user groups and roles, assign read and write permissions, set up protected namespaces.

Templates and forms

Structure content with page templates and forms, templates for articles, info boxes, portal pages, dynamic content and semantic data.

More MediaWiki extensions

Compatibility checks, installation, customisation and maintenance of additional extensions.

Document management

Connect your wiki to a file system, edit files conveniently and store them securely for a user group, with assigned rights permissions and structured storage of images and documents. Office Documents can be opened and edited directly from the wiki with WebDAV.

Connect applications

BlueSpice offers interfaces and technological foundations to connect up ticket systems, DMS or Microsoft SharePoint, for example search integrations, widgets or data import and export.

The Power Workshop

Start by taking your bearings and get off on the right foot! The Power Workshop is the perfect combination of consultancy and training! We analyse your needs, advise you on the right structure and concept, and help you to implement and customise your system.


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