My wiki – my home

The presentation of the wiki, with your firm’s look and design makes the users identify with it and accept it. Discontinuities in media are minimised and the users recognise immediately that they are in the companies wiki. This creates recognition value and confidence in the working environment on the knowledge platform too. The design of start pages and portals is also decisive for acceptance and high efficiency on the part of the user.

Adjust the wiki skin according to your CI

Minor adjustments of the existing wiki skin

With this service package, we adjust layout and design of your wiki according to the company CI. We will work in consultation with you to give the finishing touch to the look of the wiki.
You decide how the wiki should look like and we design it for you!
For example:

  • Customization of the web interface according to the customer CI with browser compatibility for IE 10 and 11
  • Integration of the customer logo
  • Adjustment of the fonts in the navigation and menu bars, as well as the adjustment of the fonts in the content area (headings, paragraphs, lists, cites and one table)
  • Navigation icons in on additional colour
  • Adaption of the PDF export to the customer CI (header and footer)
  • Customization of the PDF according to the customer CI (cover, header and footer) and on request optimization of the print output with a serif font
  • One feedback loop for the final tuning after the design implementation
  • Optional: Layout of the main page, if there is already an concept for it

Your individual wiki skin

Comprehensive adjustments for the skin

The design of the wiki should be individual. Due to this, there is no recipe, no road-map and no default for the skinning. You decide, how it should look like and we give you some advise about the possibilities and implementation strategies. Often asked for:

  • Changing the overall width or alignment of the content area
  • Customizing the font types and colors in the content, navigation, as well as in menus and dialog windows
  • Conversion of the layout (e.g. other positioning of search and navigation)
  • Designing the PDF export with customizing of the cover, header and footer

We will always prepare two drafts according to your specification, which will be discussed by phone. One feedback loop is also included for functional testing and consultation of the design details. We also recommend an initial workshop to clarify your ideas and expectations. Result of the workshop is a preliminary mockup.
In addition to the layout and design of the wiki, it is also possible to adjust the mobile skin. Then, the look on portable devices also fits to your wiki.