Installation, migration, updates

Updates and upgrades

Our developers work tirelessly on making BlueSpice better and better. To keep your wiki up-to-date at all times, we support you in carrying out any updates.

Updates our patches and minor releases

An update provides regular minor changes, code improvements and software functionality enhancements. With updates we distinguish between a

  • patch release (e.g., from BlueSpice X.1.1 to X.1.2) and a
  • minor release (e.g., from BlueSpice X.1 to X.2)

Upgrades our major releases

Upgrades are version jumps between “major releases” (e.g., from BlueSpice X.9 to Y.0). In contrast to updates, these are characterized by fundamental changes

  • in software architecture,
  • in the functional scope and/or
  • in skinning (design).

An upgrade includes, among other things, the following steps:

  • Clarification of how to deal with customer-specific enhancements
  • Clarification of how the design / layout should look after the upgrade
  • Remote installation of the latest version of MediaWiki, BlueSpice and the corresponding extensions
  • Content migration
  • Test and acceptance by the customer

Customers can upgrade depending on their contractual agreements. These updates are not automatically installed, but instead applied as ordered.

Process and outlay

BlueSpice pro and farm

For maintenance and subscription customers, the provision of updates and upgrades is included in the scope of services. For “On Premises” customers (i.e. with installations on their own servers) we install updates and upgrades on request. All the work necessary can be conveniently billed via your annual support package. For “Cloud” customers, updates are installed after prior notice and usually automatically. Upgrades in this case are also carried out in close cooperation with the customer.

BlueSpice free

Users of BlueSpice free can carry out updates on their own, by using our instructions on the helpdesk or by taking advantage of our technical support. Please contact us — we will be happy to make you an offer.

Switching from BlueSpice free

A change from the free version to BlueSpice pro or farm requires a new installation of the system. Often, customers wish to make adjustments to the system at this time and we provide an estimate first. Wiki contents are migrated into the new system without difficulties via a database dump.

Please contact us for further information.

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