The perfect BlueSpice set-up

Install software – classic or automated

Ensuring a professional installation is the basis for user satisfaction. Profit from our experience setting up and optimising wiki systems, also in challenging systems environments.


Complete BlueSpice installations
Secure remote installation with function test and installation log.
Can be extended to an installation of all the server components needed.

Updates and upgrades

Upgrade to the current up-to-date version
Remote installation. Secure data with clear processes and a focus on long-term support versions (LTS).


Integrate your wiki into your software landscape
Connect up to your central authentication (LDAP, Active Directory, SAML) with group synchronisation and single sign-on. You can also connect to external systems.

Innovative architectures

BlueSpice provides solutions for fast and standardised implementation. And we create the basis on which to build automated systems.

Containers and virtualisation

BlueSpice is also available as a virtual machine or Docker image.


Fully use MediaWiki's multitenancy and install new wikis at the click of a button.

Distributed server systems

Get high performance and security for you wiki platform by using cooperatively networked servers.


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