Find knowledge quickly and keep it centrally

BlueSpice wikis are the most effective and the quickest tools for knowledge management in business. They are highly dynamic knowledge databases that let you collect and exchange your knowledge centrally. Your colleagues can expand and update the articles you create in this knowledge management system at any time.

Key aims

Generate a dynamic, growing knowledge platform

  • Construct a central platform for all members of staff
  • Retain information
  • Create transparency
  • Compose a central reference work
  • Accelerate the growth of knowledge
  • Make information more easily available
  • Simplify team work
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Supersede the intranet


Important functions

A multitude of additional features make BlueSpice a knowledge management solution which reduces internal costs (in particular transaction costs) and meets all requirements (e.g. those of ISO 9001:2015).

Use case

HAVI Logistics

Company wiki HAVIpedia

As part its development into an Enterprise 2.0 company, HAVI logistics uses several web applications for internal communication and team work. The wiki is one of four central platforms which promote the exchange of knowledge within the company.