Find organisational policies and procedures online

With BlueSpice, you place information about your colleagues, quality management and organisational knowledge online, always available up-to-date, conforming to standards and with the security of archiving previous versions.

Unbeatable advantages

Make caring for rule books easier with BlueSpice:

  • Maintain and organise content more effectively
  • Access information about people and their skills more quickly
  • Create a dynamic knowledge platform

organisational handbook

Wiki as organisational handbooks

You need to be able to find out about the expertise your colleagues have and about processes. You also need to find out about the organisational structure and process-oriented organisation of your business – like in an organisational handbook. This needs to be done quickly and available centrally.

The best way to meet these requirements is to set up an internal Wikipedia, which collects and distributes this knowledge in your company. In this wiki you place procedural rules for business operations and the employee handbook online.

With additional workflows and approval mechanisms you fulfill the strictest conditions on audits and revisions. You meet all the requirements for certification (e.g. ISO 9001:2015). You also create space for a general repository of knowledge with your wiki. Thus, your employees can find answers to questions like “what is a cost centre?”, or “on what basis do we calculate the price of our products and services?”

Important functions

These extensions give you an overview of your rules, and spread the organisation’s knowledge within the business.

Use case

Saalfeld District Savings Bank

Knowledge management and handbooks in the financial sector

Finally, more time for business thanks to the Web 2.0 – The Saalfeld district savings bank cracks open its knowledge silos and finds a new way to deal with rules.