Organize quality and processes centrally

Companies use BlueSpice as a central quality management system (QMS) to develop all business processes.

Unbeatable advantages

Our enterprise wiki is made for quality management:

  • Fast editing with the best wiki software
  • Working with drafts, workflows and approvals
  • Versioning of articles and documents
  • Notification about changes
  • Current descriptions are centrally and online available

A practical experience report

Quality management in wiki-style

Get it right, from the start: BlueSpice includes different departments in the process analysis and in the continuous improvement process (CIP). Due to the active integration of the staff, business processes become transparent and the number of errors is reduced. The optimisation of teamwork improves the company’s performance and reduces transaction costs. And along the way the requirements for knowledge management systems as part of certification (for example according to ISO 9001:2015) are fulfilled.

ISO9001 Certification for Quality Management

Important functions

These extensions support quality management and spread the company’s knowledge.

Use case


Collecting and distributing an organisation's knowledge: Knowledge management and QM

Knowledge is documented across departments in the wiki and the organisational handbook and quality management are transferred to the wiki completely. Filing things twice is avoided and documents and information can be found again.