Handbooks and instructions online

BlueSpice makes operating manuals, technical documentation and system documentation centrally available. Members of staff, customers and partners can find your current guidelines. Articles are collected together as books and can be downloaded documents at any time, including all attachments.

Unbeatable advantages

  • Fast editing processes
  • Inserting diagrams and images into the article with copy & paste
  • Registering and analysing product data
  • Draft, workflow and approval functionalities
  • Book functionality
  • Export as PDF or DOCX file

A practical experience report

Wiki is the tool for technical documentation

In your wiki you document all specifications and procedures centrally for departments, branches and partners. The editorial team coordinates its tasks using convenient editorial tools like workflow and approval mechanisms. Plant descriptions, security advices and operation manuals are everywhere and always available, too.

Important functions

BlueSpice makes editorial support for documentation child’s play.

Use case

Tennet TSO

Technical handbooks in an enterprise wiki

TenneT constructs and operates infrastructure for transmitting electrical energy both on land and at sea. In order to construct and maintain these far-reaching networks, they need to put guidelines in place. TenneT uses BlueSpice to maintain their technical regulations and keep them up to date.