Process documentation
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Describing and visualizing processes: With the integration of, BlueSpice supports you with modeling and documenting operational processes.

How well does this work in your company?

  • Which employees are responsible for which tasks?
  • How are strategic guidelines implemented operationally?
  • How do you ensure that orders are processed promptly?
  • How do you manage the quality of products and services?

Many companies actually have the answers to these endless questions. But are these answers also visualized in process flows and fully documented? Are these answers accessible to all employees and are they binding when it comes to everyday operations?

With BlueSpice, you document

  • management processes — processes of corporate leadership such as strategy development, corporate planning and technical leadership
  • core processes — processes related to performing services such as product development, purchasing or production
  • support processes such as accounting, IT or human resources

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Advantages of process documentation

Process documentation is the basis for continuous process optimization within the scope of quality management. Its goal is the comprehensible illustration of business processes. The proactive management of your processes pays off in many ways:

  • Find and eliminate inefficiencies
  • Reduce the time spent on tasks
  • Optimize your resource planning and reduce your costs
  • Increase product and service quality
  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction

Process documentation also serves as a basis for information for

  • process audits and certifications,
  • communication with internal and external partners,
  • process coordination (tasks, responsibilities, interfaces, methods, tools, etc.) and
  • training, qualification and onboarding of managers and employees.

Planning and visualizing processes with

With you can create process diagrams, organization charts, mind maps, circuit diagrams, floor plans, layouts, business models and overviews for documentation during software development. is available as an extension in BlueSpice. With, process flows are depicted directly in BlueSpice and become an integral part of your enterprise wiki.

Screenshot: Exemplary representation of an operational process with

Advantages of

  • No licensing costs
  • Wide range of functions
  • Easy to use
  • Data import and export
  • High level of security
  • Browser independence
  • High stability and good performance

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