BlueSpice farm

The scalable solution for creating and managing multiple wikis on one server.

For companies and public institutions focusing on scaling and internationalization.

Want wikis at the push of a button? Get as many as you want!

With BlueSpice farm, you have absolute flexibility when creating your own wikis. You can provide new wikis for any department or project in just a few minutes. With the farm edition, your BlueSpice becomes a multi-client solution — create as many wikis as you want on one server. And this is scalable if desired — with a distributed system behind the scenes, you can ensure the optimal performance of your wiki farm should your wiki world grow really big.

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Possible applications of BlueSpice farm

  • Create multilingual wikis and facilitate navigation between the language variants.
  • Separate content by departments, teams or regions and provide individual wikis for different locations.
  • Provide separate wiki instances for employees, customers and partners and exchange information via the wiki.
  • Store sensitive information in independent Wiki instances.

BlueSpice farm offers many advantages

  • One-click installation of new wiki instances
  • Easy to update and upgrade
  • Clarity through the easy-to-use administration interface
  • Automatic change of the system language when switching language
  • Clean and secure separation of content and access authorizations
  • Easy creation of empty or pre-structured wikis
  • Grouping and archiving of wikis
  • Managing wikis using filter and sort functions
  • Providing wikis with keywords (metadata) and descriptions