User training

Our User Training is ideal for all users who work with BlueSpice on a daily basis and who want to achieve results quickly.


The enterprise wiki, being a collaborative platform, lives and grows through the shared knowledge of its users. A crucial factor in the successful introduction of BlueSpice is, therefore, the rapid adoption of the system by its users. With our User Training, we create the optimal conditions for working productively with BlueSpice.

Core elements

  • Navigating and searching in the wiki
  • Creating and editing a page
  • Working across pages
  • Keeping track of changes
  • Customer-specific topics and FAQ

Course of the training

  • Target group: newcomers and editors of articles
  • Duration: 4,5 hours (three units of 1.5 hours each)
  • Max. number of participants: 12
  • Format: Online or in-house

Can we have a larger group of participants? Or different training content?

Of course, we are happy to adapt our training and workshops to the specific use cases in your company. Please contact us, we will submit a customized offer to you in a very short time!

Do you use MediaWiki in your company?

Our trainers are experts in all questions concerning MediaWiki. Let us develop an optimized training course for your specific application!

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