Structure and overview for daily work in the wiki.

Templates make it easier to enter texts and quickly find relevant information.

Organizing Knowledge the Wiki Way

Templates are a core feature of MediaWiki. For reasons: Wikipedia would be unthinkable without the support of templates. We help you to use these fascinating tools.

Page templates

Page templates are used to structure wiki pages that need to be created in the same way all the time: Instructions, task lists and checklists, minutes, status reports, work instructions, product descriptions, customer documentation. The list of possibilities is unlimited. BlueSpice delivers an initial set of page templates. We support you in developing your own page templates and help you to integrate them in such a way that they fit seamlessly into your work processes.
Page templates in the BlueSpice Helpdesk

Start and portal pages

Start and portal pages visualize your company structure and direct users to important current processes. Recent changes, links to departments and contact persons, to protocols, customer documentation and process descriptions are typical contents of portal and start pages. And from various BlueSpice tools, portal pages for the internal IT helpdesk, a service portal for the HR department or generally an appealing entry page to your wiki can be built with little effort. We support you in the professional implementation. Contact us right away and find out about your options.

Template sets

We also work with you to develop new template sets for complete use cases. This has resulted, for example, in our template set for Integrated Management Systems, which is used in quality management, IT security management, data protection, occupational health and safety and environmental protection. These templates also support standards such as ISO/IEC 27001, ITIL 3/4, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001. We work with you to develop your solution for your specific use case.
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Semantic templates

Semantic MediaWiki (SMW for short) is a free open source software extension to MediaWiki that comes with BlueSpice pro and farm. Using these extensions, metadata on wiki pages can be managed and evaluated. This significantly expands the possibilities of your wiki in terms of capturing and reusing information. Semantic MediaWiki use forms to capture structured data and templates to display it clearly. Through our services, we can advise you and show you how to create semantic templates yourself. And of course we build specific templates for you or enrich existing templates with semantic functions.

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