BlueSpice – the professional wiki solution

Organise the flood of information flowing through your business

BlueSpice is the result of years of optimisation of the software behind Wikipedia for use in businesses. It is intranet software which fits your business right from the start and grows with it. BlueSpice offers you a comprehensive pool of functions which you install depending on how you use it and how your business is structured.

BlueSpice – our concept

With BlueSpice you are on the safe side. BlueSpice offers you:


BlueSpice scores high with its simple design. The navigation is very clear, easy to understand and intuitive.


BlueSpice can be customized and modified according to your wishes and needs, both optically and functionally.


The MediaWiki community behind BlueSpice ensures continuous development, security and continuity.


BlueSpice offers short and fast innovation cycles. Users benefit from the integration and standardization from numerous projects.


BlueSpice is modular and very easy to expand. It can be configured in a multitude of ways in its functions.

Individual customer service

The BlueSpice manufacturer offers you professional services and support. You always get help by a qualified contact person.


Due to its clarity and simplicity, BlueSpice offers a good user interface and lowers the barriers for an efficient work, even for non-programmers.


BlueSpice has neither vendor lock-in nor limited user licenses. You can integrate an infinite number of employees into your work with your wiki.


All BlueSpice applications and enhancements are especially optimized for use in enterprises and organizations, e.g. rights management and workflow functions.

BlueSpice – two editions

BlueSpice free

Start your free corporate wiki right now

BlueSpice free is a kind of entry level solution for businesses and everyone who wants to use a wiki or to enrich an existing MediaWiki. But also for organisations, clubs or private wikis it provides a functional added value for wiki admins and users.

BlueSpice pro

The professional business solution with subscription

BlueSpice offers you everything which one expects from a business-critical situation here. Stable, tested and scalable software which is used across the world in large and small businesses and on differing platforms. BlueSpice is available for the long-term as free, open source software.

Explore BlueSpice pro

Test BlueSpice pro in your personal wiki instance. We provide BlueSpice on our internal LabsServer. The wiki is available and accessible only for you and your data is protected from external access. Due to this, you can test BlueSpice pro without limits and with real data and contents.

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