Easy Software

Project Management meets Knowledge Base.

Together with the Prague-based software company Easy Software we combine task and knowledge management.

Perfectly integrated

The new Knowledge Base in Easy Redmine

Agile companies not only need to plan and monitor tasks, but also give their employees access to the necessary process descriptions, project planning and documentation. All too often, this information is spread across many locations and remains disconnected. This leads to significant efficiency losses and costs.

That’s why our Alliance partner Easy Software has intelligently combined project management and knowledge base. The result is a solution that outshines all competing products: the integrated Easy Redmine Knowledge Base.

Easy Redmine

The open source project management tool for professionals

Easy Redmine is a complete, extensible Redmine upgrade. Combining a new mobile design with the most popular plugins and features, it will make your project management experience more enjoyable. Most importantly, you can customize Easy Redmine to fit your needs. Core features include:

  • issue tracker
  • time tracking
  • resource planning
  • dashboards
  • activity reports
  • project planning using Agile board and Gantt chart

The Knowledge Base Module

Easy Redmine customers can extend their instance with a Knowledge Base and get a BlueSpice specifically designed for Easy Redmine with professional features not only for project and service managers, developers and supporters.

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