Professional support

Take advantage of the skills of our MediaWiki experts and BlueSpice developers.

It is best to extend your BlueSpice subscription with an annual service subscription.

First-hand service and support

Customers with a service subscription are doing well

With us, you won’t have to listen to endless repetitions of automated phone announcements and you won’t be on hold forever. We are committed to providing you with easily accessible support staff and professional project management. Our customers appreciate having a competent and reliable contact person who quickly takes care of their questions and concerns and is always ready to lend an ear.

Sufficient annual support quotas also have the advantage that a purchasing process does not have to be started each time.

Not a subscription customer?

As a BlueSpice free user, you will find free support in the BlueSpice Community. Please take a look!

Prices and conditions

Tiered pricing, fair conditions and discount levels: We are happy to advise you which Service Pack is right for you.

10 hours

€ 150 / hour

Hourly rate

Package price

€ 1,500

25 hours

€ 140 / hour

Hourly rate

Package price

€ 3,500

50 hours

€ 135 / hour

Hourly rate

Package price

€ 6,750

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