BlueSpice as an
alternative to XWiki

Both wiki solutions are powerful tools for enterprise knowledge management, but there are clear differences.
Administrators looking for a new software should research carefully. We compare BlueSpice farm and XWiki pro in the following.

Why should you choose BlueSpice?

XWiki and BlueSpice both offer organizations a solid, extensible, and proven knowledge management system that is very similar in many ways.

But while XWiki is a 100% in-house development, BlueSpice is based on Wikipedia’s Mediawiki software, making the latest developments of the world’s largest knowledge platform available to companies.

Another difference is the support for specific use cases. BlueSpice is not only a tool to operate a professional knowledge base or to create technical documentation. BlueSpice is also the place to organize all business processes.

The features of BlueSpice are accordingly extensive. It already includes professional tools for quality assurance, supports metadata and forms (Semantic Media), and provides a book function.

There are also differences under the hood: XWiki works with Java and implements Solr as a search engine, while BlueSpice follows the Wikipedia stack and thus delivers high-performance PHP software with OpenSearch (formerly Elasticsearch).

Last but not least, the tools work with different interfaces and each offers a specific look and feel.

Features in comparison

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BlueSpice farm

XWiki pro

Knowledge base
Integrated management system
Documentation system
Wiki-style intranet
Online-/Organization manual x
Visual editor (WYSIWYG)
Wiki syntax editor
Dynamic content elements, Macros, Droplets
(lists, videos etc.)
Create diagrams (, BPMN)
Page hierarchy (via subpages)
Page templates
Forms (Semantic)
Metadata (Semantic) x
Search OpenSearch
(formerly Elasticsearch)
Responsive design adaptable to CI
Fast upload and embed files
Customizable permissions
Working with drafts and approvals Extension
Workflow function Extension
Read confirmation
Reminders & resubmissions x
Book functionality x
Category system (hierarchical) x
Comments & blogs
Create and manage sub-wikis
Inter wiki search
Content transfer between wikis (with translation) x
Multilingual support
Export (PDF, Office, XML)
Google Apps x
Meeting application Via templates
Calendar application x
Office 365 application x
Word import Office documents import or preview
Multiwiki support
Ticket system Easy Redmine and Jira
in the pipeline
On premises
Virtual machine x
Password policies configurable
EU GDPR support cookie consent
Two-factor-authentication planned
Audit Logs / Logbooks x
Central authentication
Community support
Professional support
Installation, migration, updates
Trainings, workshops, consulting
Software development as part of a project as part of a project

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