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BlueSpice free is our free of charge wiki version. The Wikipedia software MediaWiki is extended with lots of useful features; for instance in the ranges of quality assurance, process support, administration, editing and security.

BlueSpice free features

Your access to an effective enterprise wiki

Innovating and documenting has never been so easy. BlueSpice free functions build an excellent basis to make your work more effective and collaborate on content in teams. Here you can find a list including all the features of our software and a comparison of BlueSpice free and BlueSpice pro.. Compare them and see all the possibilities.

Professional editing

Create and edit appealing articles with ease

Infrastructure and security

Integrate with other systems over secure interfaces

Search and navigation

Locate information professionally


Manage the wiki conveniently with namespaces, users, groups, and their rights

Quality management

Coordinate reviewing and approval

Content structuring

Organise your knowledge like in Wikipedia

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