BlueSpice as an alternative to MediaWiki

A comparison of the major open source solutions for knowledge management.

Why should you choose BlueSpice?

MediaWiki, the best-known wiki software, is used in countless companies worldwide. However, it is not optimized for enterprise requirements. MediaWiki is customizable through a variety of extensions, but this also creates problems. The extensions are not always well maintained, are not coordinated with each other, and as a result, the entire system can only be updated with a great deal of effort. In addition, the interface of the software seems outdated. What MediaWiki clearly lacks is professional support and a contractor for long-term operation and ongoing development.

This is exactly where BlueSpice comes in. The software is focused on fast and convenient work in the wiki but also supports complex business processes. It is not only possible to set up a simple online database. BlueSpice can also be used to implement sophisticated tasks such as integrated management systems, documentation systems, online and organizational manuals.

From a technical point of view, BlueSpice can also be fully integrated into the corporate environment: from connections to an authentication system to two-factor authentication. Last but not least, BlueSpice ensures a long-term development perspective, with permanent further development, integration of the latest technologies, and application of standards.

BlueSpice is developed in three different editions. In the following overview, we compare a newly installed MediaWiki „Vanilla“ without additional extensions or customizations with the different BlueSpice editions.

Features in comparison

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MediaWiki “Vanilla”

Simple wiki for Online encyclopedias.

BlueSpice free

The basic features for small businesses.

BlueSpice pro

All features and professional support

BlueSpice farm

Create and manage multiple wikis on one server.

Knowledge base
Integrated management system
Documentation system
Online-/Organization manual
Wiki-style intranet
Visual editor (WYSIWYG)
Wiki syntax editor
Dynamic content elements
(lists, videos etc.)
Create diagrams (, BPMN)
Page hierarchy (via subpages)
Page templates
Performance search (Elasticsearch)
Responsive design adaptable to CI
Improved user experience and user guidance
Fast upload and embed files
Permissions management via Quick Permissions
Customizable permissions via script via script
Working with drafts and approvals
Workflow function
Read confirmation
Reminders & resubmissions
Book functionality
Category system
Forms & metadata (Semantic)
Comments & blogs
Create and manage sub-wikis
Inter wiki search configurable
ContentTransfer (with translation) configurable
Language selection configurable configurable
Export (PDF, Office, XML)
On premises
Cloud *
Virtual machine
Password policies configurable configurable
EU GDPR support
Audit Logs / Logbooks
Anonymous access for readers
Local accounts
Central authentication
Community support
Professional support *
Installation, migration, updates *
Configuration *
Trainings & workshops *
Design services *
Software development * as part of a project as part of a project

* possible via external providers and freelancers

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