Consulting by the MediaWiki experts.

We support you in solving complex tasks.

Tasks of our consulting team

We ensure success for tasks beyond the standard

Establishing defined states

Things are getting concrete: thinking ahead, defining, testing and managing

Proof of Concept

Customers with complex or larger setups need reliable information about the feasibility in principle of a more complex BlueSpice installation or a major adaptation; for example, in the case of a migration of large instances. This is where a proof of concept comes in handy: a test setup that checks the feasibility of the technical solution in principle.

Specification workshops

Good planning is half the battle. When planning a data migration, developing connections, adapting the system from the new adaptation of workflows to the development of specific templates and forms, a specification is almost always necessary. In our specification workshops we analyze your requirements, define goals with you, describe the implementation in process descriptions and sketches, define functional scope and common acceptance criteria in a Statement of Work. On this basis, we can estimate the effort and costs required for your budget planning. The Statement of Work is also the basis for our subsequent collaboration.

Individual workshops

Do you have additional questions or a special use case that you would like to work on? Do you have special requirements that need to be coordinated with implementation strategies, resources and benefits? Do you need technical advice or coaching for your IT team? In our individual workshops, our experts address your topics and develop practical solutions.

Project management

For certain implementations and for larger projects, a personal contact and project manager is indispensable. He or she takes over the planning and coordination, organizes coordination and project meetings and takes care of the project documentation. Often he is already involved in the planning and supports them in the implementation of special procedures of their company.

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