Data protection and security

In an increasingly unstable world, IT security issues are gaining in importance.

BlueSpice development takes this into account and ensures transparency about the measures we take.

Our focus

We direct our attention to four topics

Security and reliability of the software

When developing our software, we follow the important principles of secure software development such as security-by-default or the use of open source standards, formats and technologies.
Quality management and continuous testing play a key role in our development. And of course, closing security gaps quickly is of great importance to us.
Hallo Welt! makes important contributions to security features within MediaWiki development; for example, in connecting the software to authentication servers. We have also simplified the administration of rights management and access protection so that the administration of wiki instances is as transparent and traceable as possible.

Learn more about security issues related to the software in our Trust & Safety Center.

Security and reliability of our cloud services

We have implemented many additional security and data protection measures for our cloud services. The expansion of BlueSpice access protection and constant monitoring of the cloud services are two examples of this. Another example is the development of a business continuity concept that provides answers to questions about restoring operations and backing up data. We see IT security as a continuous process. And Hallo Welt! will continue to develop security technology, especially as it expands its cloud services.

Learn more about cloud services security issues in our Trust & Safety Center.

Data protection and information security

Hallo Welt! ensures compliance with the relevant data protection laws. For a company in Germany, these are the EU Data Protection Regulation (EU DSGVO), as well as supplementary regulations in the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). All documents necessary for our customers, such as the contract on commissioned processing, the declaration of technical-organizational measures or the list of our subcontractors can be found on this website on the page Legal.
Our software also offers additional functions to ensure the legally required privacy protection requirements.

Learn more about data privacy and information security in our Trust & Safety Center.

Certification and Compliance

Hallo Welt! is guided by standards and supports standardized procedures. We are certified according to CyberEssentials. Furthermore, we are oriented towards the BSI standard for IT-Grundschutz. The next step planned is certification following ISO/IEC 27001.
In addition to IT security issues, we place great emphasis on user-friendliness and accessibility (WCAG 2.1), as well as compliance with social and ethical standards.

Learn more about certification and compliance in our Trust & Safety Center.

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