Exactly what you need at the time, all the time

Companies use BlueSpice, the MediaWiki distribution, in more than 100 countries. BlueSpice is the result of years of optimisation of the software behind Wikipedia for use in businesses. It is intranet software which fits your business right from the start and grows with it. BlueSpice offers you a comprehensive pool of functions which you install depending on how you use it and your business structure.

Common application scenarios

Knowledge management
Quality management

Knowledge and quality management

Securing knowledge and developing quality standards through, for example, project debriefing or succession management.

Technical manuals

Make descriptions of machinery, operating manuals, quality manuals and IT documentation, which are accessable online.

Marketing & sales

Share important information about marketing and sales topics: customers, competitors, product feedback and best practices.

Change management

Knowledge platforms for the reorganisation or fusion of business units.

Support & helpdesk

Problem solving and knowledge gained from experience for customers and in customer service.

Partner and supplier management

Product information portal for field staff and branch offices. Information systems for information centres and partners.