Open Source

Free knowledge and free software follow the same principles

Collaborative work on complex tasks, open discussions, transparency and traceability are the crucial ingredients for building knowledge bases, but also a condition for developing outstanding software.

Wikis and Open Source

Wikis were invented to gather knowledge from different sites, to make connections, to fill gaps, to improve errors and to make all changes transparent and verifiable. These basic ideas came from open source development. And with them, not least, Wikipedia began its triumphal march.

Consequently, the Wikipedia software is also open source and is developed publicly. And the same is true for BlueSpice MediaWiki. This type of software development and the development of knowledge databases simply fit together perfectly.

The benefits of Open Source

Characteristics of the leading development and distribution model

How Open Source finances itself

BlueSpice is a good example of this.

The developments and infrastructure of the Wikimedia Foundation, which is supported by donations to Wikipedia, form the basis. Added to this are the freely available developments of the MediaWiki community.

Additional funds are necessary for the development and expansion of the BlueSpice distribution. We generate these through the subscriptions of our commercial editions BlueSpice pro and farm. These subscriptions finance the permanent development of the software, the publication of BlueSpice free, the documentation and fulfillment of the security requirements around the software. The subscriptions enable us to hire the necessary specialists – from developers to DevOp and customer support. And we contribute our developments to public repositories, sharing them with the community.

Open and sustainable software development

Free and open source software does not fall from the sky but must be financed in the same way as a proprietary product. Especially since the same requirements are placed on open source software. The challenge is to always find the balance between the commercial and non-commercial side. We at Hallo Welt! believe we have found a way to make this work.

The MediaWiki community and the Wikimedia Foundation are pioneers in the creation of a web-politically significant software development: a freely available wiki software for collecting and sharing knowledge. Hallo Welt! sits here on the shoulders of giants. But BlueSpice customers also contribute to the further development of the ecosystem around MediaWiki. With every subscription, they promote open and sustainable software development.

The mission of Hallo Welt! is to bring wiki and open source development, community and commercial users together to create something that is useful and meaningful to as many as possible in every way. If you have any further questions about this important topic, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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