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Wiki Features

BlueSpice vs. Confluence – a direct comparison

Many companies today use wiki-like solutions such as Confluence from Atlassian, but no longer want to be exposed to the disadvantages of proprietary software. And so the open-source alternative BlueSpice quickly catches the eye. In this webinar, we will explain why BlueSpice is exactly the alternative you are looking for.

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BlueSpice vs. Confluence – a direct comparison2020-11-24T09:29:31+01:00
Tips & Tricks

BlueSpice as a home office tool

For many companies, working from home is still a big challenge. Video conferences and online chats are good tools to organize your work routine. But employees often struggle with quick access to company knowledge and lose a lot of time searching in complicated file systems for process descriptions, operational instructions and documentation. But with wikis, there is already a solution to these problems.

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BlueSpice as a home office tool2020-11-24T09:30:43+01:00
Tips & Tricks

Semantic – Working with forms and metadata

Competences, release dates, latest updates, product numbers, locations: your wiki is full of important information and you want to evaluate it. You can leverage this information with the semantic features of BlueSpice. This webinar gives you an overview of the almost unlimited possibilities of these tools.

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Semantic – Working with forms and metadata2020-07-17T11:01:22+02:00
Tips & Tricks

Earn money with MediaWiki

MediaWiki is not just the software of Wikipedia, it‘s a standard software for companies. And these companies are looking for help with installing, maintaining and configuring their systems. Expert knowledge is in demand — and it pays. This webinar provides an overview of different business models, best practices, stumbling blocks and useful tips for the development of your new business segment.

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Earn money with MediaWiki2020-11-14T13:46:39+01:00
Walk Through BlueSpice

Introduction to BlueSpice

What is the BlueSpice enterprise wiki? What are typical use cases? How about core functions like search, visual editor, tracking, quality assurance, administration, permissions and the bookmaker? Would you take an hour for us? We have the answers to your questions!

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Introduction to BlueSpice2020-11-14T13:46:20+01:00
Use Cases

Organization manuals with BlueSpice

How can BlueSpice be used to create a dynamic organization manual and sub-manuals such as a QM manual? How do page templates, quality assurance and our bookmaker help with professional implementation? What is the notification system in BlueSpice good for? Just sign up to our webinar to find out!

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Organization manuals with BlueSpice2020-09-14T13:23:49+02:00
Use Cases

IT documentation with BlueSpice

How does the IT process documentation with BlueSpice work? How to organize software documentation, references and the software catalog in the online helpdesk? What does BlueSpice offer with regard to customer documentation, connections and links to tickets? We will gladly explain all this to you in our webinar. What are you waiting for?

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IT documentation with BlueSpice2020-11-13T16:21:15+01:00


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BlueSpice is a brand of Hallo Welt! GmbH, a worldwide leading provider and consultant for MediaWiki solutions.
Our company was founded to make the technology and concepts of Wikipedia usable for companies. Since 2007 we have been developing the knowledge management platform BlueSpice based on the open source software MediaWiki. With our growing team of more than 20 employees, we offer companies an enterprise software for the implementation of integrated management systems, documentation systems, organization manuals, intranet wikis and flexible knowledge bases. We ensure that your wiki project is professionally planned, implemented and maintained. Let’s wiki together!