Frequently asked questions

Is there a free version of BlueSpice?

Yes, with BlueSpice free we offer an optimized MediaWiki with improved user comfort and integrated business functions.

Which company is behind BlueSpice?

BlueSpice is a brand of Hallo Welt! GmbH, a worldwide leading provider of MediaWiki solutions. With our team of over 20 employees we ensure that your enterprise wiki is optimally planned, implemented and supported.

What distinguishes BlueSpice from MediaWiki?

With its three editions free, pro and farm, BlueSpice extends the functional range of MediaWiki by a multitude of useful functions. These include:

Regardless of the individual look of each enterprise wiki, MediaWiki remains unchanged as the technical basis for each installation. This ensures the stability of the software and guarantees expandability and upgradeability.

Questions about BlueSpice free, pro and farm

Securing, organizing and developing company knowledge in a team: BlueSpice is an enterprise wiki for the implementation of integrated management and documentation systems, organization manuals and a flexible knowledge base.

Key advantages:

  • Breaking down knowledge silos and nested folder structures
  • Activation of the swarm knowledge of your staff
  • Safeguarding your company knowledge against loss of migration
  • Faster familiarization and reduction of employee training
  • Easier handovers in case of illness and staff changes
  • Less burden from incoming e-mails
  • Activation of hidden resources and promotion of teamwork and explorative learning
  • Increased productivity

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BlueSpice free, as a free of charge extraction from BlueSpice pro with its limited range of functions, is oriented to the needs of small companies and organizations. Larger companies and public institutions profit with BlueSpice pro from an enterprise software with numerous functions for professional knowledge and information management. These include

  • a workflow including quality assurance and file access restriction,
  • an export function for PDF manuals,
  • semantic functions for working with forms and meta information,
  • a blog and comment function for team collaboration and
  • professional support

With BlueSpice farm we offer companies and public institutions with a focus on scalability and / or internationalization a solution for the creation and management of multiple wikis on one server.

BlueSpice free is available as open source software for free download. Ideal for teams and companies that want to build a knowledge base or get a first taste of the performance level a wiki has to offer.

Questions about the technology behind BlueSpice

BlueSpice is an open source software and is based on MediaWiki, the software of Wikipedia. This has many advantages, including:

  • continuous development of the software by a dedicated community
  • high security standards, fast closing of security gaps
  • stable and proven technologies with high performance
  • open source code for maximum transparency and trust
  • optimal adaptability of the software to your needs
  • no compulsive binding to manufacturers or IT service providers
  • compatibility with other software solutions and IT systems

You can find further information on the topic of “Open Source” on Wikipedia, which, with MediaWiki, is based on the same software as BlueSpice.

To support the protection of privacy within the GDPR, BlueSpice MediaWiki offers the “Privacy Center”, which is delivered as an extension in all BlueSpice editions. It supports our customers with the compliance of the GDPR and maps them in the software. We work continuously on adapting BlueSpice to a fast changing legal environment and to meet the current interpretations of the GDPR.

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Yeah, there is.

Data migration: Our experts support you in moving your data from MediaWiki, Office and many other systems into your BlueSpice Wiki. Further information about data migration …

Connection to other systems: From the ticket system to your document management and Microsoft SharePoint. BlueSpice can be optimally integrated into your IT architecture if desired. Further information on the topic of connections …

BlueSpice protects you from external attacks and takes into account the requirements of the GDPR. So you can fully concentrate on working with your enterprise Wiki.

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Questions about the use of BlueSpice

When it comes to the management of knowledge and information, BlueSpice as an enterprise wiki is a very flexible software. Among the classic use cases are:

But also more exotic use cases like helpdesks or platforms for public relations can be mapped with BlueSpice.

BlueSpice is an operating system independent open source web application based on PHP, JavaScript and MySQL. BlueSpice runs on all common browsers and mobile devices.

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Endless announcements from the answering machine and long waiting loops? Not with us. We attach importance to easily accessible support staff and professional project management. This goes down well, because our customers appreciate consistent contact persons who quickly take care of their questions and concerns and always have an open ear. Customers who use BlueSpice pro profit from our Professional Support within the framework of a support contingent.

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Yes, that is possible. After you have checked your system requirements and prepared your server environment, follow our step-by-step instructions to install BlueSpice yourself.

You can find further information about installation on our Helpdesk …

We would be pleased to take over the professional installation for you. Further information about our installation services …

The MediaWiki community writes and maintains extensive support documentation on all topics related to MediaWiki. Many of the questions you have about how to use your wiki are answered directly on Our user manual focuses largely on those functions that are part of the BlueSpice distribution of the MediaWiki software. In addition, we explain important concepts that you need to make decisions about organizing and managing your content.

You can find our user manual on our helpdesk …

A change from BlueSpice free to BlueSpice pro requires a new installation of the system. Often customers wish to make adaptations to the system, the effort of which is first estimated by us. Their wiki contents are migrated into BlueSpice pro without any problems via a database copy.

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Information on updating BlueSpice to a higher version number (e.g. from BlueSpice 3.0 to 3.1) can be found on our helpdesk …

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From graphical user interface adjustments as part of our branding package to completely individual user interfaces. Our design team ensures that BlueSpice fits optimally into your corporate design – content design included!

You can find further information about our design services here …

BlueSpice can be optimally embedded in your technical infrastructure. Our software offers interfaces and technological bases to connect ticket systems, DMS or Microsoft SharePoint and to work with widgets and data imports and exports. Via an API, for example, your enterprise search, user directories, or your document management can be connected to BlueSpice.

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BlueSpice is basically based on MediaWiki, the software of Wikipedia. As long as the compatibility with our current BlueSpice version is given, all MediaWiki extensions can be integrated into BlueSpice. Contact us for a consultation on this topic and a customized offer.

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