Hello BlueSpice 4.1

20. January 2022

Finally, the time has come! BlueSpice 4.1 free, pro, and farm is now available for upgrades and downloads. We have a lot of new features to offer: from skin to usability to improved export and import options.

This is new in BlueSpice 4.1

“Discovery” Skin
Improved usability
FlexiSkin for individual branding
Workflow extension
Task management
Documentation in BPMN standard
Two-factor authentication
More power for templates
Import structured data into the wiki (Excel or CSV)
Better information exchange with the “Event Bus”
New rights and access management

Sounds interesting?
You can find detailed information on our website and in the online helpdesk:

Download BlueSpice free / pro / farm

You are not yet a customer and would like to install BlueSpice free 4.1?
You are a subscription customer and would like to download BlueSpice pro or farm 4.1?

Before upgrading, see the BlueSpice 4.1 system requirements BlueSpice 4.1 and our installation guide.

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