terranets bw GmbH

“The time savings are enormous”

Six years ago, the network operator terranets bw transferred its organization manuals and corporate guidelines into a BlueSpice MediaWiki. This saves the company valuable time.

It is not easy to quantify the advantages of a MediaWiki in concrete terms. “But we have saved many hours and weeks over the last six years,” says Alexander Menges when asked about it. Menges is the technical admin of terrapedia, the company’s own MediaWiki, which the network operator terranets bw introduced in 2013 in order to bundle its organization manuals and company guidelines in a transparent and clear manner.

Impulse came from the management

“Previously, there were around 80 extensive individual documents, which were created on the basis of MS Word, then converted into PDF files and uploaded to the intranet”. With every change, the same procedure was necessary again and again. According to Menges, this was a “huge effort”. Both the creation and the later search in the files that were not linked to each other.

In the summer of 2012, the management finally gave the impulse to look for an alternative, a web-based platform. The BlueSpice MediaWiki of Hallo Welt! was discovered relatively early. “This is a software company with a certain size, but you still know the people personally and are perceived as a customer”, says Menges.

Industry Energy, Water, Environment
Market Network operator and service provider
Headquarter Stuttgart, Germany
Employees unknown
Product BlueSpice pro
Goal Optimization of organizational handbooks and corporate guidelines
Use case
Organization manual
Phone +49 (0) 711 7812-0
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