BlueSpice as a documentation system

Reduce liability risks, ensure traceability. Use BlueSpice pro to document important information and processes for employees, customers and partners.

Advantages of documentation

Even if there are no legal obligations for documentation, it can play an important role especially in the area of liability issues (e.g. management liability, product liability, etc.). Full documentation also protects against unjustified claims by third parties.

Further advantages:

  • Ensure that your employees can find information quickly
  • Provide traceability and reproducibility
  • Get ready for quality management audits
  • Archive legally required information
  • Reduce additional reporting efforts
  • Minimize misunderstandings and friction at work
  • Uncover savings potential and reduce your costs
  • Save valuable time and free up your staff
  • Improve the transfer of knowledge within your company

Documentation with BlueSpice

With a number of enterprise functions, BlueSpice pro is perfect for implementing a documentation system:

  • Record templates and process maps
  • Workflow including quality assurance and file access restriction
  • Export function for PDF manuals
  • Semantic functions for working with forms and meta information
  • Blog and comment function for team collaboration
  • Integration and connection options via an API

… and much more!

Take a look at the BlueSpice features …

Brian Barth
Institut Dr. Foerster GmbH & Co. KG

“We are super happy with BlueSpice and think that the migration worked out perfectly! Some users are already adding new content and the project manager is happy. What more could you want?”

Integration instead of isolated applications

With its content-driven approach, BlueSpice pro is ideal for documentation tasks. In addition, many companies from all over the world rely on

With BlueSpice pro

  • you rely on software integration instead of isolated applications,
  • you reduce the number of software licenses, saving money,
  • you reduce complexity for employees and management,
  • you lower the barriers to entry and get started quickly,
  • you are completely flexible as it is an open source solution.