BlueSpice as an integrated management system (IMS)

Combine individual management systems to achieve a comprehensive, ISO-compliant system of corporate management and to simplify your corporate governance.

Advantages of an integrated management system

  • Create documentation from an integrated perspective
  • Use synergies and concentrate your resources
  • Free up your staff by integrating individual solutions
  • Save on software licensing and operating costs
  • Use combined certification, joint audits and training
  • Protect the environment by going paperless

With an extensive pool of enterprise functions, BlueSpice pro is the software of choice for implementing an integrated management system in your company. Fast, secure and scalable.

Overview of BlueSpice features …

Brian Barth
Institut Dr. Foerster GmbH & Co. KG

“We are super happy with BlueSpice and think that the migration worked out perfectly! Some users are already adding new content and the project manager is happy. What more could you want?”

Quality management

More information on ISO 9001 …

The goal: Increased product quality, improved quality of service. With BlueSpice pro you can document all organizational measures that improve processes and make ready for audits.

Compliance management

More information on ISO 19600 …

With BlueSpice pro you can create a binding schedule for legal provisions mirroring the relevant legal framework for the processes in your departments (purchasing, sales, personnel etc.) and ensures regulatory compliance within the company.

Risk management

More information on ISO 31000 …

Be on the safe side: Use BlueSpice pro to document all activities related to the prevention, identification, analysis, evaluation, management, and monitoring of operational risks.

Project management

More information on ISO 21500 …

Project definition, implementation, completion: With BlueSpice pro you document your project work, ensure the project’s quality and achieve your project goals on time and within the defined budget.

Innovation management

More information on ISO 56002 …

Collect ideas, evaluate them and work out the details in a team: BlueSpice pro supports you in planning, managing and monitoring the product and process innovations in your company. The future starts today!

Occupational health and safety management

More information on ISO 45001 …

Avoid accidents at work and reduce absences: With BlueSpice pro you can document all the measures that promote and maintain the health of your employees and that ensure sustainable environmental practices.

Environmental management

More information on ISO 14001 …

With BlueSpice pro you can document all processes that ensure environmentally friendly practices: From energy and material consumption to waste avoidance and disposal rules.

Process management

More information about ISO 9001 …

“Who does what, when, and with what resources?” This is a daily question in every company. With BlueSpice pro you can document interconnected tasks and the associated process flows.

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