BlueSpice as an organization manual

Get rid of those dusty folders! From corporate strategy to structural and process organization: Prepare your manuals the wiki way and keep your team up-to-date.

The standard reference work for every company

The structure of a company determines both its productivity and its compliance with legal requirements and internal regulations. An organization manual describes the company’s internal rules and regulations as well as the organizational and operational structure.

When MS Office reaches its limits

The requirements for the type and scope of an organization manual, along with the requirement to be up to date, are growing with increasingly strict regulations, for example in the area of quality management. The tasks which result cannot generally be completed effectively with the common tools of MS Office. With its wiki logic, BlueSpice is the ideal software for building and continuously maintaining a professional organization manual.

University of Innsbruck

“Thank you very much for your support during the implementation of BlueSpice at the University of Innsbruck. I would especially like to thank Dejan, whose patience was very helpful”.

Multinational or decentralized companies benefit from the option to manage multilingual manuals from one interface. And for a more traditional approach, all the information can be exported as attractive PDF manuals.

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From “knowledge silos” to a dynamic organization manual

Even though there are numerous templates and best practices for creating organization manuals, the content structure is different for each company. In addition to information on corporate development and strategic goals, most organization handbooks contain information on

  • organizational structure:
    • staffing plan and current staffing
    • contact directory
    • organizational guidelines such as signature or phone guidelines
    • overview of departments or branches
    • general terms and statutes
  • operational structure (processes):
    • procedures (e.g. commissioning goods, executing work orders for customers …)
    • IT and data protection guidelines
    • user manuals

Depending on the type and scope, further content may be kept as a separate manual. This includes, for example, working conditions, risk prevention, environmental protection regulations and waste disposal regulations.

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