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BlueSpice MediaWiki integrates in Easy Redmine

23. February 2023

As a result of a long-going partnership, Hallo Welt! and Easy Redmine present another major step in their cooperation: Knowledge Base 2.0, a deep integration of enterprise knowledge base and professional project management and ticket system.

The BlueSpice knowledge base and Easy Redmine’s ticket system are now thoroughly integrated, including links back and forth from one system to the other, providing both state-of-the-art, digitally sovereign, compliant yet simple, efficient and user-friendly knowledge and project management for enterprises of any size, at a very competitive price – Easy Redmine Knowledge Base 2.0 is the successful result of a two-year project that started in 2021.

Screenshot 1: Main page Knowledge base 2.0

Deep integration between wiki and ticketing

By deeply integrating Hallo Welt!’s BlueSpice MediaWiki into the Easy Redmine ticket and project management system, the Czech vendor shows a large commitment and recommends BlueSpice as the leading enterprise tool for knowledge management and enterprise Wiki solutions. According to Easy Redmine, this combination of tools is exactly what companies need to replace proprietary tools like Atlassian’s Confluence and Jira. Key features include wiki-structured content, powerful search, rich visual editing, versioning, and change management. It is also possible to work with approvals and blogs plus all the standards that happy BlueSpice customers are working with every day – open source, transparent and free.

Screenshot 2: References from Knowledge base 2.0 to Easy Redmine are very easy to add. It’s of course also possible to insert references from Easy Redmine to Knowledge base 2.0.

Knowledge Base 2.0 combines many features of BlueSpice’s high-end tools with Easy Redmine’s advanced ticketing system – integrating task management, tickets, and project management seamlessly in customers’ internal knowledge bases provided by BlueSpice.

According to Easy Redmine, Knowledge Base 2.0 based on BlueSpice is “The perfect way to access company’s knowledge”, a solution that “adapts to your needs” and fulfills all needs of compliance, privacy, and other regulations. “Well integrated into the environment of Easy Redmine, it delivers a powerful toolset to organize and scale documentation, process, manuals, quality management, and other needs to maintain knowledge within an organization.” (Easy Redmine, [1], [2], [3], [4])

Perfect for documentation, process and quality management

BlueSpice MediaWiki and Knowledge Base 2.0 are perfect for technical, IT, support and customer service process documentation and much more. Its integrated management system was designed to meet standardization requirements, quality management and compliance features, also by documenting organization requirements in manuals and how-tos. It’s unique, not only because of its open-source nature, but also for the flexibility the two tools can offer.

Screenshot 3: Knowledge base 2.0 search integration in Easy Redmine. Find and display results from and in either system.

Apart from user authentication via OAuth2 and the integrated navigation for both tools, the developers also upgraded the search function to find and display results from and in either system. Links to Easy Redmine or BlueSpice will automatically be detected as ticket or knowledgebase entry, formatted and referenced properly. Both, the creation and linking of relevant tasks, show the deep integration the developers have achieved.

Check out BlueSpice!

BlueSpice with its long list of features comes in three versions: free, pro and farm, deployable as zip file or as container from Docker Hub. Hallo Welt! offers enterprise services and support for pro and farm – but you can try them free of charge for 30 days. Just install BlueSpice in your cloud or on premises, and you will see how easily it can replace your Confluence / Jira installation long before support from Atlassian ends in February 2024. Or you may want to test the online demo. In any case: send us your questions and requests.

Links to Easy Redmine’s announcements

Hallo Welt! GmbH is the company behind the open-source enterprise wiki software BlueSpice, which is distributed in more than 160 countries with over 1 million downloads. The Regensburg-based company builds collaborative software for knowledge management and online documentation since 2007.

Easy Redmine is a complete, extensible Redmine upgrade. The combination of new mobile design and the most popular plugins and features will boost your project management experience. But Easy Redmine not only provides a great user experience, it can also be customized to your needs. This way, they improve internal communication and save time. The new Easy Redmine knowledge base is based on BlueSpice.

Author: MF

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