BlueSpice features

Core wiki features to support users, editors and administrators.

 Search and navigation |  Find information quickly and reliably

Search articles and file attachments (e.g. PDF files and Office documents) with a high-performance full text and title search as well as a fuzzy search. Filtering the search results delivers fast and reliable results. You can also find your content by searching and browsing the meta data.

 BlueSpice freeBlueSpice pro
Access to knowledge about intelligent queries (filter pages by additional information, display them in an overview page and save queries as "concepts")
Display metadata of a page and find all pages with the same metadata
Title and full text search
Advanced search: phrase and fuzzy search, search with wildcards and operators
Personal weighting of search hits
Limitation of search results through filters (faceted search) e.g. by namespace, category or metadata of a page
Full text search in attached documents (PDF, DOCX etc.)
Automatic completion of the search entry (Autocomplete)
Presentation of first search hits already during the input (Search-as-you-type)
Export of search hit list
Configuration of search settings via the backend
Display all pages and filter according to certain parameters
Use of context-sensitive functions by clicking the right mouse button
Enrichment of image files through clickable links (Image Map)
Insert forwarding, for example for different terms with the same meaning
Search special pages for specific terms
Display with full screen width selectable
Personal menu

 Content structuring |  Link and organize knowledge like in Wikipedia

Whether classically structured or highly dynamic: BlueSpice is the software of choice to optimally manage your company knowledge. Work with exactly the tools that have made Wikipedia unbeatable: Categories, references and links, rooms for protected content, redirects, templates and much more.

 BlueSpice freeBlueSpice pro
Convenient and secure editing of metadata using forms
Central administration of categories via a comfortable user interface
Creation of spaces and controlled access to content
Hierarchical arrangement of content and quick access via breadcrumb navigation
Unification of page structures and design through templates; e.g. embedding of info boxes
Creation of new pages with standard text elements and structures
Central administration of all page templates
Grouping of pages with similar topics in a hierarchical indexing system
Adding an automatically generated table of contents at the beginning of an article
Integration of content from any article into another article
Renaming pages and moving them to other namespaces

 Visual editor  |  Create and edit appealing articles

Use a sophisticated WYSIWYG editor with numerous formatting options for texts and tables (headings, font styles, colors, etc.). Insert images quickly and easily using “drag & drop”. Working with links and categories is as convenient as inserting tags and checkboxes.

 BlueSpice freeBlueSpice pro
Simple and fast editing without Wikicode via a graphical display (WYSIWYG)
Inserting image files with Drag & Drop or Copy & Paste
Wizards support the insertion of images, files, links, categories etc.
Insert and edit templates with a few clicks
Inserting and editing tables and assigning table styles and functions such as sorting contents and exporting tables
Searching and replacing parts of text
Editing the wiki source code
Insert and edit software code in the Visual Editor with syntax highlighting and auto-completion (Ace Editor)
Wizard for creating ImageMaps
Selective editing of sections of an article
Review of a edited article or section before saving it
Notification of authors while simultaneously editing an article

Rich Articles  |  Enrich articles with attractive content

Expand pages with dynamic content and visualizations such as videos, process diagrams (drawio), image maps or semantic data. Use widgets to integrate podcasts, presentations or Google Maps. Via APIs you can integrate external content such as a Lotus Notes database or SharePoint document lists.

 BlueSpice freeBlueSpice pro
Integration of a HTML video player to display mp4, ogv, flv and webm files
Display of mathematical formulas (LaTeX)
Integration of external content, e.g. from social media via widgets
Tabs in the content view
Addition of a large number of other output formats such as calendar formats, timelines, diagrams and graphics
Integration of the free online diagram software for the creation of flow, process, UML, ER and network diagrams and organization charts (Internet access required)
Visualization of geographic data with dynamic, JavaScript-based mapping APIs such as Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and OpenLayers
Embedding of video clips from over 24 popular video portals
View uploaded PDF files in a multi-page preview layout
Dynamic display of the category structure of the wiki
Display (animated) TagClouds in articles
Configurable search input fields for articles and portals
Insert functions, behaviour buttons and wiki metadata into articles
Optional hide page title
Alternative display of the page title
Improvement of the readability of source code through colour highlighting
Inserting many functions to program dynamic templates
Insert checklists and edit them in read mode
Integrate references and footnotes in one page
Display logged-in user
Storage and calculation of data fields (arrays) and output in wiki articles
Integration of RSS feeds in Wiki articles
Display images and other media formats in large format in the wiki
Integration of input fields in articles
Creation of glossaries: Define abbreviations and definitions centrally. Definitions are displayed when an abbreviation is overlined in the article.

 Document management  |  Direct access to Office documents

Supplement wiki articles with Word, Excel or PDF documents, for example – including multiple uploads, categorization, versioning and access restriction. With the appropriate server configuration, Office documents can be sorted and edited directly in the wiki. This is convenient, time-saving and improves productivity.

 BlueSpice freeBlueSpice pro
Simple attachment of files to an article using drag & drop
Simultaneous upload of multiple files to the wiki
Comfortable searching, filtering and sorting of files
Restriction of upload and read rights for documents to user groups and namespaces
Approval process and requesting a read receipt for files
Automatic versioning and duplicate matching when uploading new files
Finding identical files
Limitation of the maximum upload size for all files to be uploaded
Description of the file content
Grouping of documents via keywords
Storage of file versions with timestamp and user ID

 Data analysis  |  Linking and reading out metadata

BlueSpice supports the handling of metadata like no other Wiki. Enrich articles with further information such as diagrams, queries or timelines and display metadata such as the publication date, the date of the last editing or information about the author on the corresponding wiki page.

 BlueSpice freeBlueSpice pro
Numerous extensions for working with metadata, lists and forms (Semantic MediaWiki)
Display of meta information of a page in the article status bar
Display all authors of an article
Display of the page visitors
Working with dynamic variables in an article

Reporting  |  Track changes in a targeted manner

BlueSpice provides the unique set of reporting and notification functions from Wikipedia. This allows you to track the latest changes in namespaces, categories, linked pages or by users. In addition, you can find outdated content and stay well informed via your dashboard and configurable lists.

 BlueSpice freeBlueSpice pro
Overview of all changes to articles, image files and attached documents
Submitting a summary of changes
Follow articles and pages and receive notifications of changes
Notes for users about current activities via e-mails and alerts
Aggregation of e-mail notifications into daily and weekly digest
Individually configurable dashboards for users and administrators
Embedding of a list with recent changes in a wiki page; filterable by categories, namespaces, period, etc.
View recent changes in linked pages with optional hiding of minor adjustments
View all pages that link to the current page ("backlinks")
Listing and administration of new pages and files
Identification of orphaned items, files, categories and templates
Identification of pages, templates and files without categories
Identification of content that has not been edited for a long time
List of articles that are too short or too long
List with redirects to non-existing pages
List of users who have made changes in the last 30 days
List of all articles a user has worked on
Overview of changes to pages that the user watches
Counts the hits of a page or an article
Subscription to an RSS feed about all changes (e.g. watch list, blog posts, pages with specific categories ...)
Creation of graphical statistics
Generation of lists with pages of a certain category; can be supplemented with additional information

 Communication & Collaboration  |  Discuss content revisions in the team

Discuss changes to an article or corresponding proposals. Follow discussions and collect and rate ideas. All discussion contributions are brought together in a central timeline and can be individually filtered. And in the wiki-internal blog, employees can find out about major revisions, campaigns and news from the author community.

 BlueSpice freeBlueSpice pro
Creating blog articles and embedding them in pages
Comments and discussions on wiki articles, as well as following and rating comments
Short messages in microblog style
Timeline with personal activities and communications on the user side
Aggregation of discussions and contributions in a central timeline
Rating of articles (stars)

 Quality assurance  |  Coordinate assessments and approvals

Watch articles and get notified about changes. Assign articles to specific editors or activate a review and release mechanism (workflow). Additional functions such as resubmission of articles or marking an article as “outdated” complete the quality assurance.

 BlueSpice freeBlueSpice pro
Display of differences between two article versions in three different views with highlighting of changes
Revisions in draft versions until publication of the changes
Control review and approval processes with workflows
Creation of reminders to check that an article is up-to-date
Marking articles as obsolete after a certain date
Query whether an article was read after a change (read confirmation)
Assignment of responsible editors or groups to articles
Overview pages for managing reviews, resubmissions, obsolete pages and much more
Filterable and sortable list of all wiki pages for combined queries according to selection criteria (responsible editors, assigned categories, last change, etc.)
Inserting a signature directly in the read view of an article

Book functionalities  |  Create and export books and scripts

Combine individual articles from your wiki and create manuals, documentation or instructions including navigation. Export your manuals and provide them with file attachments, a clickable table of contents and a cover page in your individual corporate design.

 BlueSpice freeBlueSpice pro
Manage any number of books
Compiling books with Drag & Drop
Merge many pages at once into one book (all articles of a category, all subpages of a page, with certain semantic attributes or page collections)
Own navigation area for books (book selection and table of contents of the selected book)
Use of existing books as copy templates for new books
Export books with title pages, clickable tables of contents, release notes and linked documents (PDF, DOCX)

Export  |  External processing of wiki contents

Export your wiki articles including tables as DOCX, XML, HTML or PDF. But also overviews from the wiki administration can be converted into CSV or XLXS tables and processed further (e.g. the overview of user rights).

 BlueSpice freeBlueSpice pro
Export of tables in Excel or CSV format
DOCX single page export (requires a license from the manufacturer)
PDF single page export
XML single page export
HTML single page export
Single page printing (print output)

Administration  |  Manage user rights conveniently

BlueSpice pro makes the administration of your wiki a breeze. The setup of users, namespaces, groups and rights is done via graphical user interfaces and assignment of defined roles. As administrator you can also rename and merge accounts, copy articles or replace text parts in all articles.

 BlueSpice freeBlueSpice pro
Easy copying of articles
System-wide modification of text elements and titles via a special page or a command line
Guided setup during installation
User interface support for over 40 languages
Simple administration of all user accounts
Central administration of the namespaces
Setup and administration of user groups
Assignment of rights for namespaces and groups; display of blocked rights
Adaptation / configuration of the Wiki via a central page
Automatic recording of all actions in the wiki (e.g. all page deletions)
Adjusting the settings of individual extensions
Change of user names by authorized users
Combining multiple users into one account
Fast linking of contents of different Wikis with prefixes
Mass deletion of articles by administrators
Import of XML-Dumps
Access to thousands of free extensions / extensions on

Infrastructure  |  Interfaces and open source frameworks

With BlueSpice, the connection to a central authentication system (LDAP / AD, SAML) is as natural as the provision of APIs. The script language Lua opens up many design possibilities for developers, e.g. the automation of templates.

 BlueSpice freeBlueSpice pro
Login via a central authentication server (LDAP / AD)
Lua as scripting language for templates (Scribunto)
Integration, filtering and formatting of data from external sources
Technical integration of Sematic MediaWiki into BlueSpice
Authentication with SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language)
Authentication support through HMAC-based one-time passwords
Access to content and metadata in machine-readable formats
Support of the Bootstrap-Frameworks
Adding the GPL version of the ExtJS Rich Internet Application Framework
Selection of gadgets based on JavaScript or CSS
Counting of defined metadata and output of the results on any wiki page
Automatic saving of articles while you edit them

 Security  |  System security and data protection

BlueSpice offers important safety functions. From secure connection establishment via “https” and Captcha technologies to privacy functions for compliance with the European data protection regulation – with BlueSpice you are on the safe side.

 BlueSpice freeBlueSpice pro
Registration and login mechanism
Pagewise access protection on the basis of group rights
CAPTCHA technologies to prevent spambots and automated tools from processing
Allows users to control the way their data is collected and used by the wiki (according to EU GDPR)
Blocking of entries of unwanted URLs (Blacklist)
Prevent the creation of new articles and user accounts by using certain terms
Note on the use of cookies
Secure connection establishment via https

 Personalization  |  Customizable user interfaces

The BlueSpice user settings help you to configure your individual wiki. Via the dashboard and your navigation bar you can navigate directly to the topics that interest you. On your user page, you not only have access to your online profile, but also the possibility to store notes.

 BlueSpice freeBlueSpice pro
Profile with semantic metadata (e.g. department, extension etc.)
Own user pages for every user with an account
Management of personal settings
Individual user navigation for personally important topics
Automatically generated overview lists for e.g. last accessed pages, edits etc.
Generically created or uploaded user images (avatars)

Design / skinning  |  Adaptation to your corporate design

The adaptation of BlueSpice to the corporate design of your company creates identity, supports orientation and increases user acceptance. From minor adaptations, to our “Branding Package”, to an independent skin. We make sure that you always cut a good figure with BlueSpice.

 BlueSpice freeBlueSpice pro
Implementation and configuration of themes
Creation of the design via CSS stylesheets
Use of different CSS stylesheets in namespaces
Loading stylesheets from a wiki page via tag

 Mobile use / responsiveness  |  Access your Wiki on the road

The world is mobile: Search, browse and edit Wiki articles with your mobile devices such as tablet or smartphone. Take a look at your current notifications on the go and stay up to date wherever you are.

 BlueSpice freeBlueSpice pro
Use of Wiki menus and search functions and editing of articles on a mobile device
Output of the latest changes and notifications on a mobile device
QR code for scanning and retrieving articles with mobile devices

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