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Picture: View of the Munich office of Ryte GmbH

A powerful online resource for digital marketing

The Munich software company Ryte has been using a BlueSpice wiki from Hallo Welt GmbH for its reference work on digital marketing. The resources maintained in this way are regularly cited in academic theses and make up a large part of the sessions logged on the Ryte website.

“At the start, our developers simply built and maintained a wiki just for us. We had nothing like we have now,”

explains Pauline Mitifiot. She is a marketing expert at Ryte GmbH in Munich, a SaaS (Software as a Service) company founded in 2012. Now, Ryte’s wiki has become an important treasury, a leading online resource of its type. In February 2018, the encyclopaedia was transferred to a BlueSpice 3 wiki from Hallo Welt GmbH.

The reason: “the wiki had started to consume too much of our developers’ time and energy. And we needed them to concentrate fully on our product,” said Mitifiot.

Ryte – one of the quickest growing tech companies in Europe

Ryte’s success began in 2012 with the founding of and the provision of cloud-based software focussing on sustainable improvements and increased performance for websites. After rebranding in 2017, Ryte took a further step forward: the Ryte Suite with its three tools, “Website Success”, “Content Success” and “Search Success”, offers professional tools for you to comprehensively monitor, analyse and optimise your websites. “Ryte combines into one tool everything you need to simply and lastingly optimise websites,” explains Pauline Mitifiot.

Now more than 700,000 users are taking advantage of the award-winning software, including well-known companies like Allianz, Daimler, Sixt and Burda to mention just a few. With over 60 members of staff and, alongside their base in Munich, branches in Madrid and Ho Chi Minh City, Ryte is one of the quickest growing tech companies in Europe.

Industry Internet, IT, telecommunications
Market Service company
Headquarter Munich, Germany
Employees 60+
Product BlueSpice pro
Goal Provision of a wiki about digital marketing
Use case
Public marketing wiki
Phone  +49 89 4161151-0
Portrait We offer digital marketers the opportunity to fully exploit the potential of their website.

Above all, it is our employees who make Ryte what it is today. Since 2012 we have been passionately driving our company, brand and products forward – all with one goal in mind: to create software that helps marketers, agencies and freelancers get the most out of their website.

We are continuously working towards this goal by further developing our Ryte Suite through product enhancements. Thus the Ryte Suite forms the technical core that enables users to control all relevant digital marketing channels from a single location.

By combining all the necessary data and tools in a single user-friendly software suite we make it easier for our users to analyse, monitor and optimise their websites.

A reference work cited at universities

As soon as the company was founded in 2012, work began on the building of a reference work on everything related to digital marketing. Though at the beginning, it was mainly the company’s employees themselves which used the encyclopaedia, over time more and more external users started to access it.

As the encyclopaedia became more and more successful, the decision was quickly made to transfer it to a wiki. “We needed a tool which was technically simple with a well-organised and easy to understand range of functions. It had to provide an easily operated search function and not only make our resources more attractive but also offer the external user the opportunity to work with them,” said Mitifiot. External expertise was needed for this and while searching for a competent wikimedia agency, Ryte hit upon Hallo Welt GmbH in Regensburg.

Picture: View of the Munich office of Ryte GmbH

Multilingual wiki with about 1,500 pages

Since February 2018, there has been the new Ryte wiki, based on BlueSpice 3 software, tailored to Ryte’s corporate design, which can so far be accessed in four languages: German, English, Spanish and French. Five employees from Ryte’s marketing team have admin permissions so they can update content and proof read the contributions of external users. A reliable point of contact at Hallo Welt guarantees the technical support required.

The wiki contains about 1,500 pages where you can find terminology, exact definitions and further interesting aspects of digital marketing, classified into seven categories: online marketing, search machine optimization, social media, usability, mobile marketing, web analysis and development. “It is particularly important for us that our encyclopaedia, in accordance with with the wiki code, does not contain any advertising,” emphasises Pauline Mitifiot. “This not only means that only credible and relevant data is included, but also that we have a very high positioning with search engines.” (sa)


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