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Data migration

Start off with your existing content in place: Our experts support you in moving your data from MediaWiki, Office and many other systems into your BlueSpice wiki.

Many data sources, one BlueSpice

BlueSpice has a variety of options for migrating data from other systems. These include:

  • Data migration from MediaWiki and other wiki systems
  • Data migration from CMS like WordPress, Lotus Notes or TYPO3
  • Data migration from Office formats such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint
  • Data migration from other formats like ODT, CSV, XML, etc.

Brian Barth
Institut Dr. Foerster GmbH & Co. KG

“We are super happy with BlueSpice and think that the migration worked out perfectly! Some users are already adding new content and the project manager is happy. What more could you want?”

Smooth migration thanks to careful preparation

With the help of a migration checklist, a careful examination can determine whether migrating the existing data makes technical sense or whether a manual import of the data is more economical for the customer. We evaluate, among other things, the following aspects:

  • Structural migration: How do the technical basis and the storage logic of the source and target systems differ?
  • Content migration: How can content be transferred from the source to the target format (wikitext)?
  • Data homogeneity: How homogeneous is the data in its structure?
  • Language: What is the target language for the migration?
  • Media: How should linked and embedded media such as photos be treated?

Data migration and data synchronization options

Data migration using a script

If the basic feasibility has been determined, we will clarify further details in a specification workshop. This may involve renaming documents and files or assigning content to wiki categories. After programming a precisely tailored migration script, a multi-stage shutdown or handover process follows with the aim of minimizing customer downtime.

At the end of the migration process we find the activation of BlueSpice and the shut-down of the old system. And a satisfied customer, who can now easily and conveniently manage content in BlueSpice.

Data synchronization in real-time

Do you need ongoing data reconciliation between a source system and BlueSpice? No problem. Our software enables just-in-time synchronization via interfaces (API) or database dumps. And we can program the necessary interfaces for you on request.

Our migration workshop: For all those considering switching to BlueSpice

Do you already run a wiki or wiki-like software? Are you thinking of replacing your IBM / Lotus Notes platform with an enterprise wiki? Are you looking for an alternative to Confluence or Dokuwiki? In all of these cases, our migration workshop is the right choice for you.

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