Migrate from
Confluence to BlueSpice

Migrate from Confluence to BlueSpice

Switch to the best open source enterprise wiki now.

Use the concentrated advantages of BlueSpice with all company-specific features for your business.

Atlassian no longer offers server licenses for Confluence since February 2021. Support for all server products was also discontinued at the beginning of 2024. Users now only have access to the cloud solution or the expensive data center. However, the cloud does not meet the necessary data protection requirements of many companies and organizations. BlueSpice is the solution.

Advantages of BlueSpice compared to Confluence

Migration process

A migration from Confluence to BlueSpice is comparable to moving house and always involves a certain amount of effort and decisions. For example, is there content that is no longer needed? Do you want to restructure certain areas?

Thanks to our migration script, many macros and content are directly compatible with BlueSpice and can be transferred automatically. More specialized macros may require reworking. We support and advise you at every step of the way. In the end, you will have a well-organized and efficient open source wiki. A Confluence migration works as follows:

Live Macro Check – Test your compatibility now

Find out immediately how compatible your system is with BlueSpice and which content and functions can be directly adopted by our script. Use the macro check as follows:

Step 1
Open your Confluence and click the gear icon in the top right corner.

Step 2
The page reloads. In the “Data Management” section on the left, select “Macro Usage”.

Step 3
Scroll down to “All macros”. Select all the information displayed. Copy them with Ctrl+C.

Step 4
Paste the copied text into the macro checker with Ctrl+V.

Step 5
Find out how compatible your system is with BlueSpice.


One of your important macros is flagged as unsupported? It is very likely that the content can still be transferred. We will be happy to check this in more detail and advise you. Just get in touch with our sales team.

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