Confluence migration scripts on GitHub


Don’t get tied down. Export your content from a Confluence wiki and switch to BlueSpice or MediaWiki.

The software manufacturer Atlassian no longer offers server licenses for Confluence as of February 2021. Many users are still looking for another solution for their knowledge management and opt for BlueSpice. We use scripts specifically tailored to our enterprise wiki for our migrations. In the article “Migration from Confluence to BlueSpice MediaWiki” we have already explained which tasks the scripts exactly fulfill.

Open Source makes it possible – migrate yourself to MediaWiki

Since MediaWiki is the basis of BlueSpice, our scripts can also be used to transfer content from Confluence to both systems. You can find the scripts to import your data into your new knowledge management system and all necessary information on GitHub. Please refer to the readme file and the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.0.

>>> To the migration scripts on GitHub …

Switch to BlueSpice – simple and comfortable

A simple MediaWiki quickly reaches its limits in terms of the macros and functions available for Confluence. BlueSpice can directly map many Confluence macros, which makes the switch easier.

For Confluence Wikis with higher demands, editorial preparations and close agreements are necessary. This eliminates the need for major rework. We, therefore, offer our professional migration service – for the perfect transition from Confluence to BlueSpice.

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